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~Voltage~ Treble Booster Unit


Our treble booster units will give an extra kick to your sound, filtering out low end and boosting up gain to achieve a creamy tone, rich in sustain and bursting with power!

When used with our Pickups these units will enable you to overdrive your amplifiers much easier and make crafting long expressive solos all the more effortless.

Each unit is hand built with the best possible components, and rigorously tested until the desired tone is achieved, providing around 32db gain these pedals feature a heavy duty electro-shielded construction which will stand the test of endless gigging. Unlike many boosters, these dont amplify hiss.

A true-bypass stomp switch is included, useful for leaving the pedal in circuit when not in use ensuring no battery wastage, runs on a 9v battery and a dc jack is fitted to be used wtih a 9v dc mains supply, and most importantly, the gain control will allow you to fine tune your unit to best suit your amplifer.















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Treble Booster Unit £69.95





Treble Booster Budget Unit £45.95

This unit powers on when your guitar lead is plugged in, provides full gain. Powers down when unplugged. No dc jack, 9v battery powered only.