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Take your guitar to a new level with a set of voltage MALICIOUS pickups, built for one reason - OVERDRIVE!

MALICIOUS are are hand wound to 6.5k - 6.8k with 42AWG wire, and are calibrated for use in their relevant positions, with Vintage specification staggered-height south facing Alnico V polepieces and black/white pushback wire.

These pickups deliver a powerful punch! the very high turn count gives imense power and overdrive capability (at the loss of a few highs) Being completely potted and having additional coil shielding you can expect these pickups to be quite noiseless, even in high gain environments, which they are built for. The detail in the tone is still very good, (due to scatter winding) and the power is incredible!

Available in white, cream, black, and aged white (mint) these pickups come with mounting screws/springs as standard.


















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Set of three £105.00



Single Pickup £39.00