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Take your guitar to a new level with a set of voltage VICIOUS pickups, built for clarity and a little extra kick.

Hand wound to 5.9k - 6.3k with 42AWG wire, these pickups are calibrated for use in their relevant positions. Vintage specification staggered-height south facing Alnico V polepieces and black/white pushback wire is used to create a truly vintage tone.

The detail, clarity, and power from these pickups is amazing, you can expect these pickups to drive an amplifier to all the right places, the coil's extra noise shielding is a god-send and the tone will not go un-noticed wherever you choose to play.

Available in white, cream, black, and aged white (mint) these pickups come with mounting screws/springs as standard.




















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Set of three £105.00



Single Pickup £39.00