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~Voltage~ STORM


Take your guitar to a new level with a set of voltage STORM pickups, the patented Voltage singlecoil design offers improved sustain whilst maintaining power.

STORM's are hand wound to 5.6k - 5.9k, use fully screened cable, and are calibrated for use in their relevant positions.

These pickups deliver a unique 'Voltage' tone, bursting with brightness and clarity; a more relaxed turn count gives a lower output and therefore lower overdrive capability, however greatly improves detail and highs, these pickups will provide a clear and 'glassy' tone rich in both detail and sustain, with extra 'quietness' due to the coil shielding.

Available in white, cream, black, and aged white (mint) these pickups come with mounting screws/springs as standard.


















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These pickups have flat pole pieces as standard, however staggered poles can be selected (The pole pieces are not visible on this design).


Set of three £95.00


Single Pickup £35.00