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We are a small company with a 'High Quality' approach, 'Voltage' pickups are built with one intention; to vastly improve the sound of your electric guitar.


1950's/60's hand scatter winding methods and the finest materials are used to produce the best possible tone from our guitar pickups; not only is each and every coil wax potted, but they will also be completely noise shielded, and only vintage fabric pushback, or screened wire will be used.

Your guitar will sing with imense detail, crispness and clarity, improved sustain, and plenty of power; which of course only handwinding and tender loving care can provide.


We will build Singlecoils to your own specifications, and we also have our own Product range including our own design of singlecoil pickup.


email us if you need guitar related technical advise, we like to hear from you!

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Voltage Singlecoil

Treble booster units are now Available

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I bought those 'Legend 65's from you a while back. Just to let you know - they are fantastic! She's all finished now, and my dear ol' Pa actually thought she was an original '64, bless him! He also said it's the best sounding Strat he'd ever played, and he's been playing 40 years!
Thanks bud, Steve