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Patented 'Voltage' Singlecoils

~Voltage~ STORM (Calibrated Set) View Data Sheet

~Voltage~ CHAOS (Calibrated Set) View Data Sheet

~Voltage~ HAVOC (Calibrated Set) View Data Sheet

Standard Singlecoils

~Voltage~ RAUCOUS (Calibrated Set) View Data Sheet

~Voltage~ VICIOUS (Calibrated Set) View Data Sheet

~Voltage~ MALICIOUS (Calibrated Set) View Data Sheet

Voltage Legend Series

~Voltage~ LEGEND 65's View Data Sheet

~Voltage~ LEGEND 58's View Data Sheet

Treble Booster Units

~Voltage~ TBU View Data Sheet







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Our pickups are available individually and in any combination; if a set is purchased, the middle pickup will be reverve wound as standard to create a 'humbucking' effect when used with other singlecoils.

All pickups are clearly identifiable as either 'Neck', 'Middle' or 'Bridge', We also offer pole staggering options for our hidden pole singlecoils.

Mounting screws and springs are included at no extra cost on all pickups.

If you need advice or want us to wind to your specifications contact us here